Club Ford (CF) is a regional class in Colorado based on the classic Formula Fords (FF) that are too new to be considered vintage (collectible) yet not new enough to be fully aerodynamic (pre 1984 & Swift DB1 era). Many of these FFs are from the golden era of Colorado FF racing (1980s and 90s) that have been rescued from storage in local shops and garages and returned to competitive racing condition. To compete in CF a FF must meet the current specs for the SCCA Formula F class and use the venerable, yet still competitive, Ford Kent 1.6L motor. Additionally, the CF rules specify a single tire (American Racer 133), an inexpensive race slick that will last at least three race weekends. This combination produces very competitive racing with lots of passing for a fraction of the cost of modern the Formula F class.

2017 Series Schedule

May 06-07 La Junta Raceway
May 27-28 Pueblo Motorsports Park
Jul 01-02 High Plains Raceway
Aug 19-20 High Plains Raceway
Sep 02-03 High Plains Raceway
Oct 14-15 La Junta Raceway

The CF Championship Series began in the 2014 season when a group of sponsors came together to offer prizes ($$$ and other serious bling) to podium finishers and series leaders to generate a little extra excitement in the CF grid. The result has been some really exciting wheel to wheel racing, the resurrection of past FF racers (both cars and drivers) and some serious pre race trash talk. Driving skill and tenacity have proven to be the key requirements to win.

So, if you are looking for the opportunity for competitive racing in a real open wheel race car (without having to take a second on your house) we want you in the CF Championship Series. If you don't have a FF – we can find a local shop to rent you a ride. If you already have a FF – we have plenty of guys who can help you get it ready to race. Have a 14 year old daughter that wants to race? – a CF with a full safety harness will be a lot more fun for you than shifter karts.

For more information contact: Bob Melvin