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2009 Election Notice

Follow the link to download and print an Election Ballot. Directions for mailing are included, or submit in person before or at the Annual Colorado Region Membership Meeting on Tuesday September 15, 2009 at Breckenridge Brewery 471 Kalamath Street, Denver, CO (directions).

(in alpha order by last name)
Mark Baer
Kathy Bradley
Chris Doyle
James Leithauser
Teri Massey
Michelle McColl
Richard F. Worley, D.D.S

Bill Kephart



Mark Baer

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

I grew up in the town of Conifer in the mountains of Colorado. I spent my time snowmobiling, racing BMX and mountain bikes and leaning over my dad’s shoulders in the shop asking “What’s that, what’s that do?” Before long, I was the one in the shop at all hours of the night servicing the family vehicles and, more importantly, upgrading my own. When I turned 16, the twisties of the Front Range became my very own play ground and cars became a dominant part of my life. In 1998 I discovered autocross and immediately joined the Rocky Mountain Region SCCA. In 2000 I decided to give back and began my journey of instructing.

As I was pursuing a Business Degree at Colorado State, I was also funding my education by working at local automotive shops learning the ropes of the industry from window tint and clear bras to lifts on trucks to sports car performance. After I graduated I spent some time collecting all of my notes that I had taken from my previous jobs and assembled a business plan for my own company to upgrade and service high performance cars. I opened SCR Performance in 2004 as an autocross and road race specialty shop and began signing SCCA members up with nearly every upgrade.

I am currently living in Loveland with my wife and 1 year old son. I am having a blast raising the next generation Autocrosser, Time Trialer and Club Racer!!! On top of running SCR, I am the Team Manager for the Starting Line Motorsports Team based out of Ft. Collins. The SLMT is a group of young drivers from the ages of 15 to 20 that are working their way up the SCCA ladder and are two years deep in Autocross and are now making the transition to Time Trials with Club Racing on the horizon.

My involvement with the SCCA has allowed me to instruct in several programs like Street Survival and Regional Driving Schools to not only give back to the sport, but to develop myself as a driver and coach. I have been fortunate enough to have spent several years competing on the SOLO National Tour and Pro SOLO National Tour with some success. In 2008 I became very involved with the Time Trials Program and apprenticed for Chief Driving Instructor and Chief of Tech. I am currently Chief of Tech for the SCCA CTT Program on the Front Range.

In May of this year I completed my first Club Race Driving School and was signed off on my Novice License. By July of this year I was awarded my Regional License. The more involved in the Club Race community that I became, the more I realized that I may be able to help make some productive changes that both the SOLO community and the Club Race community would benefit from. I have been asked by a number of our peers to run for the board, and contribute to the ongoing success of the Colorado Region. I would be honored to serve on the Rocky Mountain Chapter Board of Directors, and help lead our club in a positive direction. Thank you for your vote.

Autocrossing since 1998
Autocross instructor since 2000
Performance Driving Coach/Instructor since 2004
SCCA Fast Forward Instructor 2008
Multiple Regional autocross wins, overall class championships
Multiple podium finishes and wins in SCCA Pro-Solo, SCCA National Tour
Professional performance car builder since 2002
Opened performance race shop in 2004 (SCR Performance)
Currently run 9 car team for private motorsport group out of Ft Collins
Currently coaching several drivers from Autocross, SCCA Club Race, Club Time Trials, SCCA Rallycross
Current Chief of Tech for SCCA Club Time Trials Program
Current Driving Instructor for SCCA Club Time Trials Program
Currently consulting for one of the Koni Challenge teams (in confidence)

I respectfully request your support and vote for the upcoming CO SCCA BOD elections, and if elected will serve all members of our club to the best of my ability.

Yours truly,

Mark Baer


Kathy Bradley

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors


Editor of REDLINE from June 1987 to December 1993. First time on the Colorado Region Board June 1987 to September 1987, appointed to fill the late Ron Hunter’s slot. Elected for two terms starting 1987 to 1993. Selected for RMD Flag and Comm. Chiefs team in 1986, served for twenty years. Served as Editor of REDLINE from June 1987 to December 1993. Served as past Colorado Region Chief of Registration and Start. Served as past Divisional Administrator of Flag and Comm. and Sound Control. Served as past Regional Executive and past Secretary to the Colorado Board. Served as past Rocky Mountain Division Vice Chair and Chair. Elected for third time to the Board in 1998, served three terms.

Currently hold National licenses in Flag and Comm. (1983), Start (1990), Race Administration (1993). Hold Divisional Registration license (1998) and Senior Sound Control license (1997). Have been primary Communicator/Logger for some 14 plus years.

I have been asked to run for the Board by members whose opinion I hold in the highest regard. With 15 years of Board experience and 26 years of volunteer service I am confident I can help represent a broad cross section of the members and keep their voices heard. I believe I have earned the trust and respect of this region’s members. I would be honored to represent you on the Colorado Region Board of Directors.

Kathy Bradley


Chris Doyle

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

Hello, Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Doyle and I wish to represent you on the Board of Directors of Colorado Region. I run a race prep business named Surface Exploration in Arvada, which is the Rocky Mountain Customer Service Representative for the SCCA Enterprises Formula Enterprises/Enterprises SportsRacer cars. My first race was when I was six years old, my membership in the club started in 1986. Since that time I have worked in registration, timing and scoring, pit and grid, currently hold a scruntineer license also have previously spent three years on the Colorado Region BOD. For seven years I worked with a team in IMSA and Grand Am as lead mechanic on a sports prototype car. I also race an Enterprises SprortRacer in Club Racing and as an L-3 in the IMSA Lites series.

With this experience I have seen many sides of racing and the business of racing. There are many ideas and solutions that I can bring to the Board. The main problems we are facing many stumbling blocks, rising fuel cost, shrinking worker and driver participation. We have to find a way to make these problems become less of an issue with each race. Fuel cost we cannot control, but worker and driver participation are problems we need to address and find a solution.


James Leithauser, also known to enter races as JIMbob

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

College: Mechanical Engineering

I have been auto-x’ing since 1976, and joined the SCCA in 1980. I am a lifetime SCCA member. I served as Kentucky Region Regional Executive, and was Activities Chairman in the early 1980’s. I was part of the Field Staff team for SCCA National Tours and Pro-Solo’s from 1986 until the end of 1993.

I relocated to Denver in 1993, in order to take a position with the SCCA as manager of technical issues within the Solo Department. In the fall of 1993, I was hired by SCCA Club Racing, to the position of Technical Manager.

In 1995 I earned my National License while racing in ITA. With lots of hard work, and with Bob Endicott driving, I engineered and crew chief’d the car to the ARRC Championship in 1998.

When the SCCA relocated to Topeka in 1999, I resigned my post as Technical Manager, and moved to SoCal to take a position with Tri-Point Engineering. I changed my focus from IT to SSB and participated in several races through the 1999 season.

In 2000, I returned from SoCal (man is that place expensive) to Colorado, to open Bimmerhaus with Bob Tunnell. I continue to work with Bob at Bimmerhaus, where we specialize in BMW’s, and can work on race cars of any sort. I have also served as Bob’s tire warmer for SCCA Nationals in recent years finishing 2nd to Bob on several occasions.

I served as a member of the Club Racing Board from 2001 through 2003. In 2004, all the hard work of being a SSB competitor paid off with a class win and National Championship at Runoff’s. (Who says you can’t buy a Championship?)

I have recently worked as Crew Chief for Dan Spirek and Jason Ott in SM 2006-2008, podium at Runoffs 2007. The team is currently developing Z4’s for the Touring class, attended June Sprints, and will be heading to Runoff’s come September.

I am currently serving on the board of directors for the SpecM3 class under development, and am actively working to promote SpecM3 class along the Front Range. I have driven my own SpecM3 in several Club Trials and regional races this season. I am excited to have a track as spectacular as HPR within our region, and spent several days there this past winter bolting tires together along with many of our region’s members.

I am standing for the CO region BOD, and believe my years of experience as a driver, a SCCA employee, a race car owner, and a crew chief/engineer give me insight into running successful events. I have previously served as RE in the Kentucky region so understand the dedication, good clear communicating skills and diplomacy needed to successfully serve on the BOD. As a participant in auto-x, Club Trials, and Road Racing, I am in touch with most of the competition aspects within our club.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote, and promise to serve on the BOD to the best of my ability.

Yours faithfully,

James Leithauser


Teri Massey

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

I have been a Colorado Region Board Member for the last 6 years and the Colorado Region Treasurer for the last 3 years. Many of you all know me as Teri on the Pit & Grid. I have been Rocky Mountain Divisional Administrator for Race Control which I was responsible for Licensing for Pit & Grid, Paddock Marshall, Course Marshal, Hospitality and Emergency Service until they separated Pit & Grid from Race Control and now I just take care of Pit & Grid for the Rocky Mountain region. I was also Equipment Manager for many years for the Rocky Mountain Region. Also I was Chief of Pit & Grid for the Denver Grand Prix. There are plenty of other things I do for the Colorado Region but I don’t think I can list them all! After a while everything blends together and the longer you are involved the years fly by.

I have been a part of SCCA since about 1968 when Mom and Dad dragged us Burtis kids to the races and put us to work in Registration and Timing and Scoring until we were either old enough to work on corners or start racing. We were involved in all aspects of racing from Road Rally, Solo and finally Road Racing. My Mom – Shirley Burtis was a past Board Member and Asst. RE and also worked corners. Dad – Darrell Burtis worked corners and up until his retirement from SCCA was Chief Course Marshall. My Brothers were Rally Drivers and always had stories to tell; currently they are back into road racing.

I have been employed at Denver Water for the last 10 years as a Geospatial Asset Recording Tech. – previously as an Engineering System Tech for Distribution, I have been in Utility Distribution and Geology for the last 30 years.

I would like to continue moving Colorado Region into a cohesive relationship with the other regions in the Rocky Mountain Division. I believe in the last several years the Colorado Region Board has made great strides in promoting Colorado Region with the new track – High Plains Raceway coming on line. Improving the number of volunteers/worker base. I would like to continue to bring my enthusiasm into the club and hope that the love and fun in racing will rub off on others. I hope with my past experience you would consider re-electing me to the Colorado Region Board for another term.


Michelle McColl

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

I would like your vote for one of the three Colorado Region Board seats. I’m a Colorado native and grew up in Pueblo. I attended the University of Northern Colorado, where I met my husband of 25 years. I started my real estate career in 1987 and have been managing my own business at Re/Max ever since.

I’ve been a member of Colorado Region SCCA since 1989. You all may know that my husband Karl races, but you may not know that I was the first official racer in the McColl Family. My first time was in a 1984 Buick Regal T-Type in the parking lot of the Denver Coliseum. I won! (Oh, but I should mention it was a single car class). Later I raced a Chrysler Conquest TSI, winning the 1990 RM Solo Championship Series in G Stock. This time Ladies, I drove in the “Open” class and beat the “Boys”.

Wanting to keep up with Karl’s transition into Road Racing, I drove his Datsun 510 in my first driver’s school at Woody Creek (Aspen) and was waived to race the next day. It was fun, but what I remember most was the party at the hotel around the pool. (I think Mark Zarlengo’s band played and someone rode a scooter into the pool.) I had my competition license briefly and realized that racing the car was Karl’s passion…so I stepped into my role as “Racer’s Wife”. Racer’s Wife is a great role. I love the camaraderie of friends and family at the races and I enjoy watching my husband race.

In 2005 and 2006 I volunteered as Culinary Chief for the Denver Grand Prix. I made sure all those hungry volunteers got fed and it was me picking up the Krispy Kreme’s at 4:00AM. It was a COOL job (we worked mostly in a refrigerator truck). In 2006 Karl and I received the Les Gaylord Family of the Year Award (in honor of an involved and dedicated racing family).

In 2007, 2008, and 2009, I have been honored to be the Secretary to the Colorado Region Board of Directors. Whether you love or hate their decisions, you’ve got to respect these ladies and gentlemen, who work their butts off to move the club forward.

This year, I also became the Chief of Race Administration. We’ve worked hard to update the Emergency Plan, re-write the Race Chair Manual, and re-vamp the Supplemental Regulations for our 6 races at HPR. During this time I’ve worked as your Race Chair for “Build It and (It Will Snow)”, “May Daze”, and “The Freedom Sprints” Races.

As secretary, I’ve been a non-voting member of your board for 3 years. Looking forward, I’m asking for your vote, so I can take on an even more active role in the decision making process of our club. I’m fiscally conservative, detail oriented and have already proven I am willing and capable of doing the hard work for the furtherance of the club.


Richard F. Worley, D.D.S

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

I am a 37 year member of the Colorado Region, SCCA and have been actively racing off and on, mostly on, during that time.  I began autocrossing in a MG Midget, progressed to an Alfa Spider and began road racing in 1976 in a beater Spitfire acquired from Ron Hunter in trade for dental work.  Those of you who remember and loved Ron can figure out who got the better end of that deal.  I was Race Chairman for a large number of races, Activities Chairman several  times and alternated RE and Asst. RE positions with Mike Shroyer for several years back in the day when all we had for tracks were Aspen and the last days of Continental Divide.  Danny Collins, Ron Hunter, Les Gaylord, Mike Shroyer, myself and a couple of other “old guys” were the first to walk on the weed infested runways of the abandoned B-25 bomber base beside the LaJunta airport and declare we would, by God, make a race track out of this mess.  We did.  I’ve been racing in S2000 for the last 10 years, including four trips to the Runoffs and five to the Sprints.  I’m a racer.

But, I also know and respect that we who drive are not the only “racers” and the sport does not exist without a strong club of dedicated volunteers who are genuinely enjoying themselves participating in a sport that they love.  My goal as a Board Member is to foster that spirit of community and love of the sport and to actively recruit new members, not just drivers, but folks who want to be “in” the sport rather then just watch it, talk about it or street race.  For that to occur, we need to continue to be a wisely administered Regional club that is fiscally responsible yet realize there are times when one “needs to spend money to make money (gain members)”.
We almost have as good a track situation as we have ever had in our Division and the Colorado Region in particular.  When we get PMI back and in proper repair and get LaJunta properly restored, we will have six tracks we can run, counting the three configurations of HPR, within a 90 minute tow from Denver,  plus Miller.  To utilize and enjoy those tracks, we need a strong core of volunteers in addition to recruiting new driver participants, not only to our road racing program, but also Solo, PDX, Rallycross and Rally.

I’m a reasonable guy, believe consensus and compromise is the path to success and have no agenda beyond a life long love of the sport of sports car road racing and a continuing desire to participate in and promote the sport at an amateur level as a member of SCCA.  I am a practicing dentist, in private practice for over 40 years and have a sound understanding of business and people skills.  I retired in 2005 from the Denver Police Department after 25 years of volunteer service as a Reserve Police Officer, a position requiring an attitude of prudent aggression combined with caution and a large dose of common sense.

I would be pleased to serve on the Board, request your vote and will do my best to help our club grow and prosper in the coming years.


Bill Kephart

Candidate for Director, SCCA Area 8

I would like to announce my candidacy to be your Area Director.

My wife Rockie and I have been married since 1988 and have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. In 1977 I started a business which now includes IT services and commercial real estate.

I joined the SCCA in 1966 and held a National license from 1966-1973 and 1993 to present. I began racing in a G-production Sprite and currently race a Formula Ford. I previously served one year as the Continental Divide Region’s scheduler, as a Director on the Colorado Region board for 6 years, as Regional Executive of Colorado Region for 2 years, and on the Rocky Mountain Division board.

Over the last 6 years I have served as the Colorado Region’s representative to the board of CAMA, the group responsible for bringing High Plains Raceway into being.

During that time I was able to work productively with a wide array of leaders from other clubs including Motorcycles, Vintage, Porsche Club, etc. This experience was very challenging, educational, and fulfilling.

What we accomplished as a committee, with the support of many volunteers, was a first in the USA: a road racing facility built, owned and operated by multiple amateur motorsports clubs. The experience of working with a group of individuals with different objectives to build consensus towards a common goal has helped prepare me to serve the Division and the SCCA as your Area Director.