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[p.1] SCCA-CDR Puts La Junta Racing On Sale!

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SCCA-CDR Puts La Junta Racing On Sale!


SCCA members have spoken, and the Continental Divide Region has listened; Club racing is just getting too expensive, and racers need relief.

Those who joined us at PPIR for the Western Sprints received a customer satisfaction survey, and many of you responded that you loved the event; However, the number one complaint was the price: $390 for a two-day weekend is a lot of money!

SCCA CDR has heard you! Registration for July 25-26 at La Junta is open at, and CDR has slashed prices dramatically:

Driver School: $100

Single Regional: $150

Driver School + Single Regional: $250

Double Regional: $250

PDX: $99

Club Time Trials: $125

By dropping the price of the driver school, we’re encouraging more driver school entrants from the ranks of Solo, PDX, CTT and also from other committed track clubs like the BMW club.

However, another barrier to a racing license is often the lack of a race car, so the Continental Divide Region is trying a bold experiment to help would-be club racers get on the track:

We’ve asked the Spec RX-7 community if they would make their cars available to rent to driver school candidates, and the response has been overwhelmingly “Yes!”

And to make it even easier, CDR will rebate $200 of the rental cost back to the entrant! (Entrants still need to obtain a physical and an SCCA novice permit, as well as the necessary safety gear.)

We hoped to get 2-3 new drivers in the school; however, 9 driver school entrants have indicated they’re going to rent cars and come to the school as of this writing; 3 of those are coming from the startup Spec M3 program!

For more information, contact:

Clay Turner
SCCA-CDR Assistant RE

Grant Barclay
SCCA Club Time Trials Steward

Guy Ruse
SCCA National Licensing Administrator

Little ol’ CDR needs your support to make this a success. Come and join us for great times and great friends in July at La Junta, and help us help more drivers get on the track … in both regions!

Register at now!