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2 Cool Racing Schools


Well, it’s a new year, and racing season is just around the corner. I am excited to share more information about this year’s first event, “2 Cool Schools”, to be held March 27th and 28th at High Plains Raceway.

2 Cool Schools will offer new drivers the opportunity to complete both of their required schools in one weekend, preparing them for competition in one easy step. This is a very exciting development that makes it faster, easier and cheaper for new drivers to obtain their competition licenses and join us on-track. It will also produce newly-licensed drivers prepared to join the competition ranks.

As you know, the competition ranks are dependent upon growing participation through SCCA sanctioned schools, as well as privately accredited schools. Having participated in both, I think the SCCA schools offer a unique opportunity to learn, not only about car control, but also about the rules that govern our club (GCR), on-track protocol (starts, flags etc.), and event procedures (registration, tech, etc.).

The new format will allow us to modify the program to create a more robust education and on-track experience. The old format required a lengthy (some say torturous) classroom session the night before the school. The new format will allow us to shorten the initial classroom session, and interject additional class time throughout the weekend. Track time can now be structured to create a more progressive set of steps in learning both car control and safety, also allowing for more student/instructor interaction.

Equally exciting is that, in addition to a double school, the weekend will also host an Advanced PDX School on Saturday, and a Time Trials on Sunday (watch the Feb Redline and the PDX/CTT website for details). This is a great opportunity to get out early, and “knock the rust” off before the full season begins.

We need your help to make this event a success. Every one of us knows somebody who “would like to go racing” but has not yet taken the plunge. This is your opportunity to “help them” act upon their desire!

In addition, we are looking for car owners who would be willing to rent cars to students for the school. Also, schools require proper safety equipment. Anyone willing to lend or donate extra helmets, suits or other equipment (anybody got a spare HANS we can have?!) can contact me at ZDEETR@AOL.COM. Of course, the equipment must still meet current certification requirements.

Though the end of March may seem far away, there is much to do before the season begins (for you and any student who may want to attend the school). Cars that have been gathering dust need to be brought back into race condition and required inspections must be completed. Also, students need to complete the required SCCA membership and licensing forms, and complete their medical exams (as you read this, you might want to plan for the same!).

We are all very excited for this progressive new format. With your help, I am certain we can make this a great success.