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Hello Race Fans!


It is my pleasure (and relief!) to be able to announce that the paving repairs at High Plains Raceway are now complete!  Both the weather and scheduling Gods smiled on us and we completed the work earlier today (Wednesday the 23rd)

The original plan was to do turns 6, 8 and 13, where the damage to the asphalt was the worst.  After some discussion and planning with the job foreman we were able to find a way to squeeze in turn 5 as well (where damage was present, albeit not nearly as bad as the other turns) without raising the cost of the project.
So, the plan is to allow this fresh pavement to cure for 4 weeks.  We will re-open the week after Christmas for our FREE customer appreciation days!!  There will be another email blast in the future to cover this in more detail, but as we did last year, I will keep an eye on the forecast for the week after Christmas and on Christmas Eve I will pick the two days (one for cars, one for bikes) with the best weather forecast and we will be open for FREE open lapping on those two days.  We will then be closed for the New Years weekend and will resume our typical winter lapping schedule on January 7th.  Keep an eye on the “HPR Calendar”: for more information, I will do my best to have it fully updated by this weekend.

Here are a few photos of the work being done.
Turn 5

Turn 6

Turn 8

Turn 14

Thanks for all your support and patience, I hope you all have very happy Holidays!
Big thanks to Premier Paving Inc for doing a terrific job and putting up with my nit-picking about the seams!

Glenn Conser
HPR General Manager