Issue: March Vol: 2011
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[p.1] Crash and Burn (Safety) School 2011

[p.2] 2011 Volunteer Incentive Program

[p.3] 3rd Annual Danny Collins St. Patrick's day Tribute Party

[p.4] RE's Corner: On Your Mark! Get Set! Is it April Yet?

[p.5] BFGoodrich Tires SCCA Super Tour FAQ

[p.6] SCCA Mentor Program

[p.7] Solo Contingency Programs and Online Registration Now Available

[p.8] New Spec RX7 Website Launched

[p.9] 1965 Ponca City Grand Prix SCCA National Sports Car Races

[p.10] Advertisers Quick Reference

[p.11] Classifieds

1965 Ponca City Grand Prix SCCA National Sports Car Races


It’s amazing what you can find on Ebay. The other day I picked up an original 1965 Ponca City Grand Prix Program for the princely sum of nine dollars and 99 cents, plus shipping. It arrived in the mail about a week later. It is in fine if not somewhat yellowed condition. I dropped what I was doing to thumb through it. The first thing that stuck out were the photos of the cars from the previous year’s PCGP. Awesomely amazing cars. There is one terrific photo of the number 6 Bizzarrini Iso Grifo A3 Corsa in a huge broadslide with full opposite lock throwing up a rooster-tail of Oklahoma dirt. The Brits were well represented with Morgans, AH Midgets and Bugeyes, even a Triumph TR2 which was already a little long in the tooth in 1964. There is a number of E-Prod bathtub Porsches and the good old US of A is represented by an A-Prod Corvette Stingray roadster. Sadly the program lacked driver entrants and their respective steeds. I can only wonder what some of the names would be. When I have more time research must be done.

The advertisements were pretty darn cool as well. For instance:
The 1965 Ford Mustang “Looks like a $5000 import … priced literally thousands less!”
Or Bill Moore Chevrolet’s Corvette coupe ad: “You get more when you trade with Bill Moore”. Snappy. I guess when you sell Corvettes you can let the car do the talking.

There is an ad for Sparky’s Hamburgers. Here is the menu:
Hamburger 15c
Fries 15c
Fish 25c
Onion rings 25c
Shakes 20c
Cold drinks 10-15c


There are three ads for different banks. They must have thought SCCA folk had some cash.

There was only one ad for beer. Hmmm.

There was an ad that read: “Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!” But it wasn’t for Mazda, it was for CITGO gasoline.

There are many similarities between the 1965 PCGP program and Colorado Region’s program from 2010. There is a page describing the different classes, a page explaining what the flags mean, and there was a track map.

One thing I learned is that we need to have drivers and their cars listed in our 2011 program. I would like to think that in 2056 someone will be willing to pay more than $9.99 for a 2011 SCCA Freedom Sprints Super Tour Program.

If anyone is interested, I’ll bring the program to the March membership meeting at Quaker Steak and Lube.