Issue: April Vol: 2012
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[p.1] Colorado Region on Display at Denver Auto Show

[p.2] May Daze Reg. Now Open!

[p.3] 12 Hours of Sebring

[p.4] News from HPR

[p.5] Majors Awards Announced

[p.6] 2012 Crash & Burn

[p.7] Snake Bytes (Fools Rush In)

[p.8] STOMPED: The Andretti Hairpin

[p.9] Eye Candy

[p.10] St. Petersburg IRL

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Colorado Region on Display at Denver Auto Show


The Colorado Region was once again on display the the Denver Auto Show. The show, despite high gas prices and a sluggish economy drew large enthusiastic crowds over the 5 days starting Wednesday 3/21 thru Sunday 3/25.

Many thanks to Club Auto for allocating a share of their booth space to us.

These marketing activities are a major source of growth for the CORegion in particular and the SCCA in general. We collected info on 103 potential new members. Let the follow-up contacts begin!

Special Thanks to the following members for stepping forward to help ‘sell’ the club and introduce show goers to the Secret Car Clu.. er.. I mean The Sports Car Club of America.

Matt Laine
Jerry Oleson
Ryan Haenny
Ryan Sealey
Paul McLeod
Ed Kajko
Dave & Carol Ott
Karl & Michelle McColl
Andrew MacDougall

A Special, Special thanks to Jim Leithauser for arranging the display car.