Issue: April Vol: 2012
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[p.1] Colorado Region on Display at Denver Auto Show

[p.2] May Daze Reg. Now Open!

[p.3] 12 Hours of Sebring

[p.4] News from HPR

[p.5] Majors Awards Announced

[p.6] 2012 Crash & Burn

[p.7] Snake Bytes (Fools Rush In)

[p.8] STOMPED: The Andretti Hairpin

[p.9] Eye Candy

[p.10] St. Petersburg IRL

[p.11] Classifieds

[p.12] Advertisers Quick Reference

Advertisers Quick Reference

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COLORADOSCCA.ORG is the official website of Colorado Region SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). Advertising on the site presents an excellent and affordable opportunity for Denver metro businesses to attract customers from the local racing community. The SCCA has the largest amateur racing presence in the state and draws drivers, crew and spectators to the website and newsletter. The club recently won a national award for its accelerated membership growth, and that growth is expected to continue now that High Plains Raceway has opened its doors just east of Denver.

Redline is the official newsletter of the Colorado Region SCCA , published online monthly January-November. In January 2009 Redline was adapted to a web-based format. In just a few short months readership has increased dramatically and currently accounts for about 25% of the clubs (non message board) web traffic.


  • About 15,000 page views each month; about 25% are reading Redline.
  • Ads are displayed at random on each page, so readers see every ad on the all the most popular pages.
  • The average reader spends about one full minute reading each page.
  • The website and newsletter reader base is a targeted car and racing enthusiast audience, primarily in Colorado.
  • Several times each month the entire local SCCA membership (2,000+) receives reminder emails about events, website postings and a Redline publication notice.


  • Basic ad: Full color graphic, 250 px wide x 150 px high (JPG, PNG or GIF file formats)
  • Web: $50/month + $0.20/ea extra height pixel
  • Redline: $25/month + $0.10/extra height pixel
  • 20% discount for prepaid quarterly ads
  • Link the ad directly to your website
  • Includes your business in the advertiser directory of Redline and the “links” page of website

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