Issue: April Vol: 2012
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News from HPR


Hello all,

Just a note to let everyone know about the latest improvements at your track. We have started installing “Carolina” apex curbs, to the FIA/FIM dimensions approved and recommended by Alan Wilson. This week we did two turns and will do more as the free time in the schedule allows. I hope to have the entire track done by Nov 1. They have a rough brushed finish and eventually they’ll be painted with non-slip paint.

Here’s turn 3, looking counter-race.

The white pvc pipes will allow water to drain through the curb instead of pooling up in front of it, they’ll be cut flush after the concrete cures.

Here’s T4 looking race direction

We are doing this “in house” – Mike and I, and one of our hourly workers are doing them ourselves. Since the most expensive part of concrete work is the labor this means we are saving approximately 75%-80% versus hiring a contractor.


Glenn Conser
HPR General Manager