Issue: April Vol: 2012
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[p.6] 2012 Crash & Burn

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2012 Crash & Burn


About 30 people attended the 2012 Crash & Burn including 5 excited new volunteers. The day broke sunny and warm as people gathered at the Quint Vally Fairgrounds in Byers. Coffee and donuts were graciously provided by “The McColl Team Real Estate Sales and Property Management” The morning session covered “Flags; their meaning and usage” as well as exercises involving a simulated course with simulated race cars providing the action. Later, communication drills were used to alleviate some of the anxiety felt by rookie F&C workers. Lunch was provided by The Colorado Region SCCA. After lunch a car was set alight so participants could get hands on training with both dry chem and water based AFF extinguishers. After the fire extinguisher training, everyone got hands-on training with the Power Hawk “Jaws-of-Life” tool.

Knowledge was transferred, experience was gained! All in all, a good day.