Issue: April Vol: 2012
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Snake Bytes (Fools Rush In)


The first event can sometimes foretell what kind of season lies ahead. If the F&C attendance at Fool Rush In is any indication, the 2012 season is off to a terrific start.

The minimum number of F&C personnel required to safely staff PPIR is 16. For Saturdays schedule we had 21. We actually had more corner captains than corners. Several of the rookie workers that attended the C&B made the trip to fountain to put their newly acquired skills to the test.

We also had several people who cashed in free PDXs in exchange for corner work.

Matt Buland, a frequent solo participant, was stationed at 5 on Sunday. 5 turned out to be one of the busier corners, he said it was much more exciting and interesting than he anticipated. Matt promised to do some heavy recruiting among the solo crowd.

Edwin Winstead (C&B graduate) worked 6 with Dave and Janean (the Animals), he too said he enjoyed the weekend and is looking forward to the next event.

In summary: the weather was terrific, the turnout was excellent, and all the calls were above average.

This Rocky Mountain Sidewinder is pleased.

Doug Hemperly, Rick Cody, and “barefoot” Fred Drake expertly staff turn 9 at PPIR.