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[p.1] SCCA Board Votes On Club Racing Class Changes

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SCCA Board Votes On Club Racing Class Changes


TOPEKA, Kan. (June 7, 2012) – Sports Car Club of America’s Board of Directors (BoD) voted on several proposed changes this past weekend that will reshape several of its Club Racing classes in the years to come.

The Club Racing Board (CRB) submitted proposals for member input in the last several months, formulating recommendations based on the input. The Board of Directors then voted on the CRB’s recommendations to determine what, if any, changes will be made to the class structure.

The biggest change will come in the Touring and Showroom Stock categories, with the two being combined in 2013, consolidating from five classes (Touring 1-3, Showroom Stock B-C) down to four (Touring 1-4).

“Motorsports and the automotive enthusiast have evolved, and the Showroom Stock concept of cars racing without modifications is a dated one,” SCCA Club Racing Board Chairman Jim Wheeler said. “The realignment essentially adopts the Touring concept for all late-model, mass-produced production vehicles, allowing for more balance and an opportunity for parity that will both foster growth and protect the investments of our current member racers.”

The target performance level of the new Touring 1 will be between that of the current T1 and T2 classes. Current cars that are restricted in T2 will move to the new Touring 1 class, removing restrictions with potential additional allowances, while the current T1 cars will receive restrictions to remain, or have the opportunity to move to the more permissive Super Touring® Over (STO) class.

The new Touring 2 will be based on the performance level of the existing T2 class circa 2010 and include many of the current T2 cars as well as the faster, restricted cars presently running in T3.
The new Touring 3 will include slower current T3 cars, current SSB cars and the faster, restricted SSC cars.
The new Touring 4 will be based on B-Spec?, with other, current SSC cars not fitting into the new Touring 3, but restricted to the B-Spec performance level.
Touring and Showroom Stock are the only categories scheduled for a change in 2013. Additional information about the changes will be released through FasTrack®, SCCA’s monthly member notification newsletter, in the coming months.
In the Sports Racing category, C and D Sports Racing will be combined beginning in 2014. This was the only part of the proposal for Sports Racing that was ratified by the BoD at the meeting.
In the Formula category, Formula Enterprises and Formula Mazda will remain separate classes.