Issue: November Vol: 2012
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[p.1] 2012 Christmas Party

[p.2] Champions Crowned and Awards presented at RMDiv Banquet

[p.3] 2012 Colorado Region Board Election Results

[p.4] 2012 SCCA National Board Election Results

[p.5] Tommy Boileau: “Testing With Olsbergs Was A Humbling Experience”

[p.6] U.S. Majors Tour to Replace SCCA National Racing by 2014

[p.7] Revised Point Structure for 2013 Majors, National Races

[p.8] SCCA Board Approves Touring and Showroom Stock Club Racing Reorganization

[p.9] EyeCandy

[p.10] Race to Reality

[p.11] SnakeBytes

[p.12] SnakeBytes (US F1 Special)

[p.13] Redline takes a holiday!

[p.14] Classifieds

[p.15] Advertisers Quick Reference

2012 Christmas Party