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Area 8 Director Election


Fellow Club Members,

I am running for reelection to the position of Area 8 director on the SCCA National Board. My wife Rockie and I live in Colorado Springs. We have four children and six grandchildren. I first joined SCCA in 1966 and built a GP AH Sprite. I ran it for seven years in both club racing and solo. I rejoined when our children went to college in the early 90’s and have since driven a Formula F. My wife and I have raced from California to Ohio, Wisconsin to Texas, and a lot of tracks in between dragging our kids, grandkids and friends with us. During our many races both in and out of division, I have become very familiar with the people, practices, and culture of our club throughout most of the country. This allows me to understand my fellow club members and their board member’s point of views better.
I have served SCCA as:

  • Continental Divide Region Scheduling Chair.
  • Colorado Region board member for six years
  • Two years as Region Executive and One year as Assistant Region Executive
  • Coordinated Volunteers for Denver Gran Prix
  • Represented Colorado Region on the Committee to develop High Plains Raceway from the first meeting to when it opened
  • Represented Colorado Region on the CAMA (High Plains Raceway) Board from inception to present
  • Area 8 Director on SCCA National Board

During my first term as your representative, I was placed on all three of the Club’s Committees (Planning, Budget, and Compensation). This was due, in part, to my Club and business experience. I was also liaison for a year each to Rally Cross and Road Rally.

During my first Board meeting, I was asked to chair the Planning Committee. Only later did I realize the scope of the time commitment (about 100 days in meetings during the last three years). The work has been productive and rewarding and well worth the time investment. The Planning Committee is the group that works on projects, assigned by the chairman, for the board. During the last three years the Committee has focused on many areas including:

  • Membership
  • Solo
  • Club Racing
  • The Majors
  • Runoffs

Due to the quality of the board members on the Planning Committee, we have moved the ball forward. There is more work to do and if reelected we are poised to do that work. I feel the club’s purpose is to provide the members with FUN: good safe fun with our cars in as many forms as possible — in ways that foster the building of meaningful relationships.

My goal, as your representative on the board, is to do that by:

  • Being Bold
  • Finding workable long term strategy
  • Building an environment embracing change
  • Creating consensus among all the stakeholders
  • Being cost effective
  • Keeping the Club on stable financial footing
  • Moving the ball forward everyday

The above will not be easy. It is doable. Therefore, I am requesting your vote which will allow me to continue the work that has started.

Please vote and I would like it to be a vote for me.