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SCCA Super Tour COTA


SCCA Super Tour COTA

Jay Bonvouloir

For some 480 drivers, the dream of driving on a real, world class, Formula One circuit came true March 8-10 at the new Circuit of the Americas. This was the second BFGoodrich Tires Super Tour of the year and the first US Majors Tour race for the Mid-States conference.

Several of our own ventured down to Texas to experience the thrill and the challenge the Austin track brings. Having a wide circuit laid out over the 3.4 miles was necessary to accommodate the seven race groups fielding anywhere between 50-85 cars in each race!

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate like it did for the Grand-Am race the week before. Rain, mist and drizzle was the theme most of the weekend. But finally sunshine broke through Sunday morning. Saturday had so much track activity with two qualifying sessions followed by the races that by the time the 6pm curfew came around, group seven (T1,T2,T3,GT1,GT2,GT3,AS,STU) was left out and would have to race the following morning.

This also led to the decision that there would only be races on Sunday with grids determined by fastest lap speeds in Saturday’s races. Despite full course cautions in nearly every race, it was awesome to see so many cars on track and many local drivers showing the way up front.

Congratulations to our winners, JR Osborne (FB-Race 1), Bob Schader (STL-Race 2), Tyler Hunter (FA-Race 2), Jim Valdez (GT3-Race 1) and Michael Pettiford (T1) who did the sweep and won both races on the same day.

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