Issue: February Vol: 2013
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[p.1] Suddenly... A drivers School!

[p.2] 2013 Crash & Burn School

[p.3] Contingency Programs Lined Up For SCCA Club Racers

[p.4] Help Wanted

[p.5] 2013 Permanent Number Reservation Application

[p.6] Through the lens (2013 Rolex 24HR)

[p.7] Hawk Performance Begins 12th Season of SCCA Partnership

[p.8] Local Heroes

[p.9] MX-5 Cup Season Unofficially Underway With Sebring Test

[p.10] SnakeBytes

[p.11] SCCA Enterprises Helping Past Champions Find Runoffs Rides

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Suddenly… A drivers School!


The demand materialized, so Jim Leithauser and Colorado Region have negotiated with PPIR to put on a Double Drivers School. The event is scheduled for March 23rd and 24th, 2013.

If you are looking to get on track this year, and you do not have a competition license, contact Jim Leithauser and get signed up.

Requirements include:

  • Completion of an SCCA physical by your favorite physician.
  • Submit an application to the SCCA to obtain a log book & novice permit.
  • Get a race car. (Yours or – rental units are available from several sources)
  • Study the General Competition Rules with regards to race organization and on track etiquette.

Check the colorado region website in the coming days for registration information.