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Interesting Turn


The last paragraph of my November 2012 REDLINE article, I wrote:

“On a side note, the school I have been attending the last few years is holding a special inaugural shootout at the end of January next year. Based on my performance at my recent school in September, I’ve been nominated. In mid-December the list of nominees will be paired down to 33 and those 33 will compete in this shootout for a full-season ride – free of charge in the school’s own racing series. Wish me luck!”

Well, the final notification deadline came and passed. I did not make the final cut, but the reasons for it remain unclear. This did not bother me though for two things this January made this opportunity impossible anyway. First was a job transfer via the company for whom I work (I’m actually writing this article in temporary residence right now – I arrived 2 days ago). Second, I’m recovering from the flu and I had a temperature for 3 days straight. Moving stinks, but moving with the flu, now that is something I will have to put down in life’s “Extremely Miserable Experiences” column.

Upon reflection, I’m very happy I tried out for the shootout and at least got nominated. I have no regrets and I had a little deal with the editor to boot! Although some people who read this article I write for REDLINE probably know me, I have always written under a pen-name. The editor one day asked me at High Plains Raceway last year when was I going to “reveal myself?” I told him I had no intention of doing that. However, I struck up a deal with him that if I made the shootout, I would reveal and write an article about myself. If I did not make the final cut, I would continue writing under “ROWONE.” Well, the pen-name remains. “Sorry Mr. Editor.”

Although I am now in the Northeast Division, I have permission from the editor to continue contributing to the REDLINE. As far as contributing to an online newsletter in my new division, that depends on a whole bunch of things which I don’t have answers to at the moment.

Right now, I would like to thank everyone in the Colorado SCCA Region for the help and support they have given me. It was in Colorado I first learned about SCCA and in 3+ years I became a contributor to the online newsletter, a corner captain, and am on my way to obtaining my National Flagging and Communications License. Special thanks go to the editor, who badgered me for over 6 months before I finally consented to writing my first article regarding my experiences at racing school back in February of 2012. To date, this is my ninth article!

Another very special thank you goes out to my father. I have gone with my father to see the Indianapolis 500 for 5 years (2008 – 2012). My father is a mechanical engineer and worked in aerospace just as I do now. Thank you dad, for driving all those miles each year to/from and in/around Indianapolis and understanding my race car design ambitions enough to approve the good ones and dissuade me from the foolish ones.

Last and not least, the biggest thank you of all goes to my mother who has taken the time to review ALL these articles prior to me submitting them to the editor for publication. My mother may not be a car nut, but she taught me how to write as a kid and I would not be half as literate today if it was not for her efforts. Although the idea of me racing scares her, she now understands my passion for the sport and after reviewing all these articles, supports me. Simply put, my mother is awesome and it looks like I am going to get a chance to repay her with a special gift this summer. None of my family or friends have seen me drive a race car due to time, distance, and money. With my job transfer, I am only an eight-hour car drive from home and there are racetracks near them which the racing school I am attending uses. This summer, there’s a very good chance my parents will see me drive for the first time and to me, this means more than a shootout. I’ll make you proud mom and dad…I will make you proud.

Life has a way of going in circles just like laps around a racetrack…our job is to keep getting better and better lap after lap!