Issue: January Vol: 2013
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[p.1] Lisa Noble Selected As SCCA Board Chairman

[p.2] Interesting Turn

[p.3] SnakeBytes

[p.4] 2013 SCCA Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

[p.5] Tire Rack SCCA Solo Program Schedules and Match Tour Format For 2013

[p.6] Eye-Candy

[p.7] Local Heroes

[p.8] Utah Region's Melanie and Madison Snow, First mother-son driving team set for Rolex 24

[p.9] Classifieds

[p.10] Advertisers Quick Reference



Race car designs full of ‘Thinking Outside the box’.

The March 711 otherwise known as the ‘Tea-Tray March’.

The Ferrari 312-B3 Spazzaneve (Snowplow).

The Ligier JS5 maximized ad space on the air scoop.

The Hesketh team had a few extra wings laying around, so, what the hell, let’s put em on! [Hesketh 308B]

The BMW F1.08 designed by Sauron of Mordor.

Of course who can forget the Tyrrell Project 34 (P34). Jody Schecter and Patrick Depailler actually finished 1,2 in the 1976 Swedish GP in this design.

Formula 1 isn’t the only series with innovative (?) designers. The 1970 Shadow Can-Am car was a thing to behold. Tiny front tires, humongous engine. Think 800hp go-cart! Frightening.

If you are old like me and enjoy the reliving the golden era of motorsport check this out