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“You’ve Been Schooled”


“You’ve Been Schooled”

Double Drivers School
March 23 & 24
Pikes Peak International Raceway
Fountain, Colorado

Hosted by the Colorado Region SCCA

Are you or someone you know looking to race in 2013? Need to obtain a competition license? Now is the time!

Get your car ready (rental cars available) and register for this comprehensive SCCA double drivers school.
This school and a couple of Regional races and you are ready to go for the gold!

$390 for the double. $250 if you just need a single. Classroom at the track on Saturday morning.

PPIR is offering a 3 hour test session on Saturday 8am – 11am (not sanctioned by SCCA) for $50. Also “free” track time to fill out the field (*see the SuppRegs section 1.F for details*)

Instructors, Students, Drivers and Volunteers Register Here (Pre-registration required)

Read the Supplemental Regulations here

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