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May Daze Report

It snowed on May 1st in Denver this year. With ‘May Daze’ scheduled on May 4th, the weatherman promised a warm weekend. The lying bastard!

Ansley and I arrived Friday afternoon to begin the track set-up process. The sun was shining but the temperature was mid 50s with a cold, biting breeze out of the north. Michelle McColl, Kim Schoneck, Ansley, Sticky and Lilypill helped setup the course.

Christy Hopkins volunteered to Flag Chief the event and with the new CMIP award competition getting underway, Christy and several others had arranged for a load of new workers. As of Thursday evening before the event, there were 10 rookie corner workers that had given verbal commitments to work. Almost all the Divisional and National F&C license holders signed up to work the event, so with 20 ‘pro’ workers and 10 rookies, we were excited to be able to run the full course for May Daze. Guess how many rookies made it to the track? West course course again this year.

Where did all the rookie marshals go? :-(

The field was less than anticipated too. About 50 cars participated in the opening round of the Rocky Mountain Divisional Championships.

Where did all the cars go? :-(

The cars that did come out to play put on a pretty good show. Mark Franklin and Bill Tolly continue to dominate SM. Jake Latham set a new west course track record in his Stohr F1000 (how did he get heat into the tires in this cold?).

Luke VanDuyn and Patrick Frank had exciting battles in S7.

James Stiehr’s new Piper FF and David Loken in his Swift had a hell of a race on Sunday. Mike Pettiford won all 4 races he entered. Thumbs up Mike.

The folks at Rilltech Racing brought out a couple of gorgeous Astra F1000s. Lots of potential in those cars. Unfortunately, they seem a little fragile.

Bob Neumeister has found some speed in that LYNX Querida FVee. He would have won both days except for the broken throttle cable with 2 laps to go on sunday.

Bob Maples did most of his laps as hardship laps, although he got it together in time for Sunday’s race and had it going pretty good.

The T3, BMW Z4’s of James Leithauser and Dan Spirek roughed up the T3 Nissan 350Zs of David Muramoto and Derek Kulach. Between T3 sessions Dan’s golf cart clutch blew up requiring a flat tow by JimBob neccessitating a ‘slow flag’ on the HPR entry road.

The usual spins and offs occurred. The unusual occurrence of Henry Donohoo high centering his FE halfway between turn 2 and turn 3, he was well and truly stuck in the weirdest place. I guess if you only have 1 inch of ground clearance and you drop both rear tires in a 2 inch hole, your stuck.

We also had a big oil mess to clean up at turn 1 thanks to Joel Cooperman’s STL Acura. His oil filter split, causing him to spin at turn 1 of the first lap. Thanks to Dave and Jenean and Kevin, William and Andy and Glenn and the rest of the ES crew for helping clean up the slippery goo.

All of the F&C staff want to thank the Stewards for combining group 3 and group 5. It made the day more exciting and we all got out of the cold a few minutes early.

MAY DAZE 2013 – All the calls were above average, and a good time was had by all.

Next up, the Majors at PPIR. “RIPP it at PPIR!”

CMIP Points Standings

Attendance Award Standings

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Sponsorship Award

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