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It’s that time again! Time for the Board of Director elections. The 3 open seats are currently held by Chris Doyle, Teri Massey, and Ed Shuler. The candidates for the 2014-2016 term are (alphabetically by last name):

  • Kathy Bradley
  • Ron Camacho
  • Chris Doyle1
  • Ed Kajko
  • Bob Melvin
  • Ed Shuler1

Bios and candidate statements are below.

1 running for another term.

Print your ballot here, fill out and bring to the Oct 15th membership meeting!

Candidate bios and campaign statements.

Bradley, Kathy

Candidate for Colorado Region Board of Directors

I joined the club in 1983. I was elected for the first time in 1987, served two terms. Out for a couple/three years, re-elected and served for three more terms (couldn’t stand sitting on the sidelines). During all those years I served the Region as Board member, REDLINE Editor, Region Chief Starter, Chief Registrar, Chief of Sound and, Regional Executive (sometimes at the same time because no one would step up).

The Rocky Mountain Division was still a working entity so I also served the Division as DA of F&C, DA of Start, DA of Sound, Vice Chair and Chair of the Division.

Once again I find myself sitting on the sidelines and ready to throw my hat in the ring to work for the Region.

Kathy Bradley

Camacho, Ron

606 S. 2nd Street
Montrose, Co 81401
Cell: (941) 661-3294

Objective: Colorado Region Board of Directors

SCCA Experience:

  • Member in good standing since 1981 (30 year member)
  • Current licenses held: Crew, National Pit & Grid, Senior F&C
  • And Time Trial Driver Instructor (Apprentice)
  • Previous positions held: Central Florida Region (CFR) Assistant Regional Executive,
  • CFR District 8 Governor

Racing Experience:

  • San Francisco Region SCCA Drivers’ School Graduate 1989
  • 3rd place SFR Regional Champion Improved Touring “D” 1992
  • 2nd place SFR Regional Solo 1 Champion Improved Touring “D” 1993

Work experience outside of SCCA

  • 2 Years as a High School Drafting Instructor.
  • 8 Years work experience as a surveyor doing both private and commercial Engineering layout on bridges, roadways and other civil engineering projects.
  • 20 Years as a Civil Engineering Technician for various federal agencies writing construction specifications and providing inspection of these projects.
  • 5 Years working as a Maintenance Worker maintaining baseball and soccer fields.
  • Education: A.A.S in Construction Technology-Erie Community College 1971
  • B.S. Ed. Industrial Arts SUNY College @ Buffalo 1979

Interests: Race Administration, Miatas, Track Days, Club Racing, Softball

Doyle, Chris

Current Board Member.

Hello, Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Doyle and I wish to continue to represent you on the Board of Directors of Colorado Region.

I run a race prep business named Surface Exploration in Westminster, which is the Rocky Mountain Customer Service Representative for the SCCA Enterprises Formula Enterprises/Enterprises SportsRacer cars.

Under the name of Elfwerx Engineering I am one of two places in the country that is authorized to rebuild and seal the Spec Racer Ford and Formula Enterprises/Enterprises SportsRacer shocks

My first race was when I was six years old, my membership in the club started in 1986. Since that time I have worked in registration, timing and scoring, pit and grid, currently hold a scruntineer license also have previously spent six of the last seven years on the Colorado Region BOD. For seven years I worked with a team in IMSA and Grand Am as lead mechanic on a sports prototype car. I also race an Enterprises SprortRacer in Club Racing and as an L-3 in the IMSA Lites series (winning the championship in 2009).

With this experience I have seen many sides of racing and the business of racing.

There are many ideas and solutions that I can bring to the Board. We are facing many stumbling blocks, rising fuel cost, shrinking worker and driver participation.

We have to find a way to make these problems become less of an issue with each race. Fuel cost we cannot control, but worker and driver participation are problems we need to address and find a solution.

Kajko, Ed

When I first joined Colorado region back in 1981 I was impressed by the experience and stories of the old timers. Lately I’ve realized that I’ve become one of those old timers. One of the things I’ve learned in those years is that as a volunteer organization nothing gets done unless somebody volunteers. My own record has been hit or miss so it’s my turn to step up and take a turn at the board. I ran once before as a representative of the Pro Rally contingent and made it to the final round of runoff votes before not getting elected.

My experience in the region includes working with Pro Rally, back when we did that, club and professional racing. I worked all the Denver street races, Denver GP and GP of Denver, as well as club races at tracks all over Colorado and club and professional events coast to coast and border to border. I have two club awards to my credit, Pro Rally Worker of the Year in 1994 and the Shirley Burtis award in 2010.

My real world work experience totaled thirty nine years in Information Technology. The most important lesson I learned there that would apply to being on the Bod is to listen and think through the issue, computers don’t respond to ranting and raving, it doesn’t do any harm but doesn’t accomplish any thing either.

My vision for the future of the region is that we’re not just a race sanctioning body but a club and as a club we succeed or fail together.

Campaign Slogan: “There is no ‘Them’, it’s just ‘Us’.”

Melvin, Bob

Bob Melvin
RGM Strategic Marketing, Inc.
Lakewood, CO 80228

To review my complete business biography click here

Chapter II
We return

One year ago this Labor Day weekend, Billi, my revered wife of 36 years, mentioned we should go to HPR for the SCCA event. “Let’s just go and see what the SCCA is like here.” A month previously, we’d been invited out for a private dealer day. Previous to that invitation, we weren’t aware of HPR or the Club’s presence since moving to Colorado in 1998.

Billi and I fielded an ’83 Reynard FF from ’88 –’92 in CENDIV. Previous to that I attended Skip Barber and then went on to do the series in 1987. We raced from 30 to 35 years of age, 12 to 16 races per year and then stopped to take care of growing business needs and our two young children. Now, 21 years later……

On Sunday there was a short rain ‘hold’ while the formula cars were on the false grid. Billi and I stood behind the row of Fords somewhat aware we were both inhaling race gas. After a few minutes Billi looked at me, tears in her eyes and said, “We have got to figure out a way to get back out here.” My eyes were teary too. Was it the race gas? I don’t think so. Felt like passion to me. I remembered that heart racing on the grid feeling. We talked on the way home about commitment. Racers all understand commitment.

Two months later we had secured a Van Diemen FF and had been introduced to J.D. McDermott of Front Range MotorSports. J.D. agreed to help us field our car even though he had never heard of me before I walked in with my scheme to return to racing. I hit the gym for the first time in 20 years.

Here was The Plan. I had never been able to qualify for the Runoffs in the late Eighties. Those damn pointy cars arrived (Swift) and in CENDIV with high-speed courses and 40 car fields I just couldn’t get to the front enough. So the Plan was if I could get my license back, really quickly, I could qualify for the 50th running of the Runoffs through the Majors pathway. I would try to get there on points simultaneously. But we needed a lot of help to succeed. I’ll admit to forgetting the degree of help we’d get.

I needed my National license back right away to do it. I was told to call this fellow Guy Ruse, Director/Licensing. I explained to him The Plan and he said, and I am quoting, “Bob, you certainly do have a lot of races, good training and know what you need to know but Bob, that is history. Like ancient history….” JD McDermott suggested several test days at HPR and PPIR. We did several hundred laps. I had to be prepared.

The first hand was extended by J.D., then by Guy and now Chris Doyle. When I got to School at PPIR hands came from every direction. I was welcomed back with open arms. I did the school and was cleared for a Regional double weekend. Guy said I had to absolutely, “keep my nose clean” or it would be tough to issue the National License. With a clean nose I got my National just in time to make the Major at PPIR.

The infamous first turn Formula F crash ensued. First big race back and a corner is missing from our car. Three cars torn up. During the next week I was helped by SCCA members from Canada to Detroit and the West Coast. One driver of a similar car offered me the left rear upright off his car so we could make the June Sprints. We did. My first Sprints in 21 years; on my 56th birthday no less. Through the help of our new SCCA friends.

What’s my point in telling these stories? Simply this: we missed the SCCA and our friendships. Billi and I have never been anywhere we felt more comfortable. I cannot tell you how many times a fellow competitor took parts off his car or out of his bin to help me.

Once during a Double Regional at Grattan on Labor Day 1992 I found a hairline crack right in the front rotor on my Reynard FF. I was in a close championship battle (Continental Challenge Series) and needed points. I placed second Saturday and needed to win on Sunday. You could only take your best finish of the weekend. I was on pole. I had no spare front brake rotor. No one did. So I told my fellow Ford drivers that the rotor was cracked and that I would have to withdraw. To a driver they said, “No way, Bob. You have to go for it! If you feel comfortable we’ll race with you.” We won the Regional.

I can bore you with a thousand of these stories but you get the point: We love the Sports Car Club of America and want to do everything we can to help it succeed. But my friends, as you too well know, these are tough times for the SCCA. Fields are down, Regionals are tough to come by. Class consolidations. Expenses are continuing to go up. Running Nationals has gotten way too expensive. Running for a regional Club title has gotten ridiculously expensive.

Selfishly, I would love to see more Formula cars on the track. But in the Big Picture I just want to see more men and women racing! Miatas? Bring them on. Spec anything that someone wants to race? Bring it on. At my first race back I asked (old guy comment coming here….) why they didn’t ‘mark’ my qualifying tires? Unfortunately, I asked a 20 year old and he just stared at me. In my chosen class we can now start every session on fresh rubber. Many do. At $1,250 per set are we pros or amateurs?

For example. I ran a few Nationals and a few Majors. My tire bill will exceed $9,000. What’s your minimum budget? Can we defend budgets like these while we try to recruit new drivers?

I strongly believe we need to aggressively share our passion with others. I started as a worker, then crew and then driver. I get it. We need to spread the love. Any day, anywhere at the race track is a good day.

I have much to learn about today’s SCCA. What I do already know is this:

1. I lived in Denver for 12 years and never ran into the Club or HPR.
2. Car counts are way down from recent years. Workers here are tough to find and persuade.
3. The average age in the paddock is getting a bit high. If we are to have any future this needs to trend down.
4. Sponsorship at the local level is near impossible due to lack of awareness (see SCCA, HPR above).
5. The most important folks we need (workers) are not attracted to come and work their butts off because we haven’t been able to recruit successfully. There are definitely challenges.
6. The folks who have helped in the recent past and those are currently in leadership positions are overwhelmed and need some highly committed help.
7. We have a rare gem of a race track and we need to ensure it succeeds. We need to build on this core strength. HPR is a seed which could grow into a beautiful tree.
8. We need to think big in order to succeed. If we are not growing our ranks we are slowing dying.
9. Every person I meet in the paddock is passionate about their racing. Why don’t we publicly share this passion successfully? What’s the plan of action?
10. The bare minimum expenses to do a weekend passed $1,000 a long time ago (Entry plus a few parts—no room, tow or capital expenses). For many they exceed $2,500. How many racers can we expect to spend $10,000 for four races? That’s your field to race with.

As you can tell I’m passionate about racing and want the oldest and best club, the SCCA, to succeed. If you look at my business Bio you will see that I have the experience necessary to help others to succeed. I do not expect to turn the entire SCCA around but do know that I can have a positive effect on our Region’s activities and membership growth.

I sincerely ask for your vote for the Colorado Region Board of Directors open seat. I give you my word your input will always be welcomed and valued. I wish to build on the great strengths of our club’s history and to have a positive effect for all of us racing in Colorado. I will work tirelessly for the next three years to improve our club.


Bob Melvin

Shuler, Ed

Current Occupation:

Process Control Engineer for Honeywell Intl.


Computer programming, specializing in database design and implementation.

Leadership History:

Current Colorado Region SCCA Board Member. I am the RMDiv Flag and Comm Divisional Administrator. I also am the COR Web Master, Redline Editor, and COR Equipment Manager.

In an effort to recruit in the F&C specialty, I developed a relationship with the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racers, the Motorcycles Racers Association as well as the Rocky Mountain Region Porsche Club of America. We are recruiting volunteers from these clubs through the Rocky Mountain Sidewinders corner worker group.

I served as president of the Caring Adults/ Responsible Educators (CARE) Board at Peace with Christ Christian School (PWCCS). My daughter attended PWCCS from preschool thru the eighth grade. The CARE Board is the Parent/Teacher Association for the school. As president, I was responsible for organizing the purchase and installation of playground equipment and sod for the baseball field. During my term, new fund raising procedures were implemented resulting in the most successful fundraising year in the history of the school. I am versed in Roberts Rules of Order and keenly aware of the requirement that due diligence be exercised by all members of the CoRegion BoD.

Fiduciary responsibility is the primary duty of the BoD. Managing finances while providing an enjoyable participatory experience for the members is a herculean task. I recognize that club growth is our primary vehicle for ensuring the club’s future. We must market at every opportunity to increase participation and membership. This means becoming more welcoming and removing any cliquishness either perceived or actual.

SCCA Participation:

I moved to Colorado in 1989. I became a member of the Colorado Region in 2007 and have been actively working in F&C.

At the end of the 2008 season, I was asked, by the RE, to become the CoRegion equipment manager and assist Kevin Carter with Course Marshal duties. My daughter was heading off for college, opening up more time for my hobbies, so I accepted this challenge.

I enjoy new challenges and hope to learn other aspects of club racing, perhaps becoming a FV driver. Currently I enjoy being a member of the Colorado Region SCCA and working as a corner marshal at COR events.

Campaign Statement:

I am working hard to make Colorado Region a success and encourage all our members to participate in our club and our sport/hobby. I would appreciate your vote for the Colorado Region Board of Directors for 2013-2016 Term.

Ed Shuler