Issue: June Vol: 2014
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[p.1] 2014 Freedom Sprints

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[p.3] Pueblo Majors - Shifting Gears

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[p.5] Mid-States Majors Wraps in Pueblo

[p.6] Audi Welcome Porsche Back To Le Mans

[p.7] Transmissions – Floppy Whoppies

[p.8] Pit Rally - Gambler's Edge

[p.9] SnakeBytes

[p.10] SCCA Set to Host Formula SAE Lincoln

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Audi Welcome Porsche Back To Le Mans


Porsche has won Le Mans 16 times. Audi has won 12 times. Porsche hasn’t won since 1998. Audi has only lost twice since 2000. Porsche is returning to the top class this year and Audi is welcoming them back with a taunt made of tire smoke.

This year’s fight at the top of the 24 Hours of Le Mans promises to be the best in years. Audi, Toyota, and Porsche all promise to be fighting for the overall win. As the dominant champ for nearly 15 straight years, Audi has a bit of swagger. So they drove an R18 TDI on the roads to Porsche, where they then put on a little smoke show to let them know they aren’t the kings anymore.

Watch the video here