Issue: June Vol: 2014
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[p.1] 2014 Freedom Sprints

[p.2] CTT and PDX Reset!

[p.3] Pueblo Majors - Shifting Gears

[p.4] Records Fall Saturday at Pueblo Majors

[p.5] Mid-States Majors Wraps in Pueblo

[p.6] Audi Welcome Porsche Back To Le Mans

[p.7] Transmissions – Floppy Whoppies

[p.8] Pit Rally - Gambler's Edge

[p.9] SnakeBytes

[p.10] SCCA Set to Host Formula SAE Lincoln

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Home of Hereos GP

Continential Divide Region held the Home of Hereos Grand Prix at Pueblo. It was a great event. Over a 100 entries, great racing weather, enough workers to staff the course, and dinner was outstanding! What else can you ask for?

It was great catching up with old friends. Leigh Steves came down the mountain for this one and Steve Charbonneau came up from Albuquerque with Larry Haynes. Ryan ? and Tim Mulvey were our rookie corner marshals for the weekend. They both said thay had a great time and were looking forward to the next event!

Next up: Rock the Peak & The Freedom Sprints

Event – Rock the Peak Regional Races
Where – Pikes Peak Intl Raceway
When – June 21,22
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Event – The Freedom Sprints
Where – High Plains Raceway
When – July 5,6
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More Corner Boxes for HPR

Construction continues on the corner boxes for HPR. We finished the Prilika, Czacki, McColl and Bradley boxes. John Glover suggested using marine grade varnish rather than oil based paint. While slightly more expensive (per gallon), we get more boxes (4 rather than 2) per gallon using the varnish.

_.Station _.Sponsor _.Status
Turn 1 Rocky Mountain Sidewinders Completed
Turn 8 Rocky Mountain Sidewinders Completed
Turn 3 Jim and Ann Marie Stinehelfer Completed
Hot Pits Robert & Danyella Prilika Completed
Turn 14 Stan Czacki Completed
Turn 10 The Mcoll Team Completed
Turn 6 William & Kathy Bradley Completed
Turn 2 SCCA not started
Turn 4 Michael Lewis not started
Turn 7 SWDiv Drivers not started
Turn 7A SWDiv Drivers not started
Turn 9 Bill Kephart not started
Turn 11 James Hepburn not started
Turn 12 Jack Walbran not started
Turn 5 High Plains Raceway not started

4 completed boxes awaiting placement at HPR.

Once again, thanks to all who have made this possible including the construction crew; John Glover and Ed Kajko. These boxes will save many hours of track setup/teardown time as well as wear and tear on the course marshal. :-)

We will make every effort to complete all the boxes this season.

See you at the track!