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[p.3] Tracknight in America

[p.4] SCCA To Debut New Road Racing Bracket Enduro Format

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[p.6] Oseth named SCCA Pro Racing Vice President/General Manager

[p.7] 2015 Colorado RallyCross Schedule

[p.8] 2015 Subaru BRZ Series Blue Edition: Back to Basics

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[p.10] Random Thoughts from the 2015 Denver Auto Show

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Redline Extra


SCCA Track Night in America @ PMP

The first of 4 “Track Night in America” events at Pueblo Motorsports Park is fast approaching. Register today to be a part of this ground breaking series.

Date/Time: May 07, 2015, 03:00 PM – 09:00 PM MDT

Location: Pueblo Motorsports Park

Address: 3373 N Pueblo Boulevard, Pueblo, CO, 81008

Event Info here

Track info here


Entry for the first RMDiv race of the 2015 season remains open. Scheduled for May 2-3rd at High Plains Raceway (HPR), the May Daze race weekend will feature TWO races per day (SCCA quad regional) with a PDX and Time Trials group added for good measure. Colorado Region is sanctioning the May Daze weekend and will charge only $299 for the entire race entry fee. That’s $75 per race- the LOWEST entry fee for any sanctioning body in the region or country! Each of the four races will count towards the 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Championships and will be the first SCCA test of HPR’s safety light system. So if you’re a bonafide road racer, get that car out and tech’d before the end of April! And if you’re an official, worker or spectator, come on out to HPR for the first weekend in May and get in on the fun. Come out and support your region by signing up today!

If you hear any news that has a wide application to the Rocky Mountain Division SCCA, please shoot us an email at: