Issue: August Vol: 2015
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[p.1] From the Editors

[p.2] Electronic BoD Elections

[p.3] RMDiv Area 8 Director and Colorado Region SCCA Elections

[p.4] 2015 HyPR Hot Regionals + CTT/PDX

[p.5] RMDiv Production Class Championship Still Up for Grabs!

[p.6] Pueblo Majors 2015

[p.7] RMDiv Formula Class Points Battles

[p.8] 2015 Ford F150: Precious Metal

[p.9] RMDiv GT Class Points Still Available

[p.10] 2015 Touring Class Point Standings

[p.11] SnakeBytes

[p.12] Spec Racer Championship Points Standings

[p.13] The Quest - Chapter Four

[p.14] Rocky Mountain Division P2 Championship Standings

[p.15] Frank and Zippie- 2015 Spec7 and Spec Miata Champions

[p.16] Classifieds

[p.17] Advertisers Quick Reference

[p.18] In Your Mirrors

From the Editors


This month Redline has quite a bit of news to cover, both on and off the track! First off, a new electronic voting system will be in place, but your e-mail must be on file. Please check the list on p. 2 to make sure you can cast a vote with this new system. With elections for both the Area Eight Director for SCCA and the Colorado Region Board of Directors (three vacancies) on tap in September, this is an opportunity to get to know the candidates better. Some you may know personally, while others may be a mystery, but we hope their statements may allow for a more enlightened vote from an informed audience. Remember that whoever is elected will have help shape racing in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Division for years to come.

In racing news, there’s a summary of the final Majors race at Pueblo Motorsports Park. Unfortunately, there’s few photos to back up the words, as the editors were too busy flagging or working on their own race entries to take many. It’s a reality in this day and age- when it comes down to taking pictures or changing brakes in the sweltering heat, the brakes get our attention every time. Prior to the final race of the year, we have updated points standings for each class involved in the 2015 RMDiv Championships. We’ve split them up into different articles (spec racer, formula car, touring, etc.) to focus on who are the contenders for 2015. The RMDiv rules say each championship contender must enter at least two weekend events and finish eight races to win a championship. These rules were created to encourage as many entries as possible. We hope you see your name somewhere in the list of championship hopefuls.

For those looking for a new tow vehicle, read the Redline-exclusive review of the new Ford F150 to decide whether it might meet your needs. As we’ve done all year, “The Quest” returns with more details on the adventure of building and campaigning a formula Vee. Sidewinders has all the news for corner workers, including some of the best events to go work once our season finishes here in Colorado. And check out the “In Your Mirrors” photo and caption on the last page. Couldn’t this happen to you?