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[p.9] Colorado Road Rally Reintroduced for Fall 2015

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REDLINE EXTRA:Late Breaking News

Motorsports Park Hastings Race Date Change

Just when you think you have a firm schedule, something changes! The MIDiv meetings just concluded, and the date of the race held at Motorsports Park Hastings has changed. It was originally scheduled for June 6 and 7th. It has been rescheduled for August 8th and 9th. The schedules on the web site now reflect these changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused.

Points earned at the August 8th and 9th, Nebraska Region sanctioned event will count towards the RMDiv Championship.

MIDiv racers who compete in the Colorado Region sanctioned race on August 22nd and 23rd at High Plains Raceway will earn points in the MIDiv Championship.

Light, Camera, Action

Glenn Conser stopped by the monthly BoD meeting to detail the major improvments scheduled at HPR for 2015. This improvment has the potential to dramatically impact SCCA events at HPR. Are you ready? CAMA has authorized the installation of Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras that will give the folks in race control a view of the entire circuit. Also, CAMA is installing a light signal in each corner bunker. The lights can be operated remotely by race control or by corner marshals in the bunkers. The corner marshals will be able to operate the lights at adjacent buners as well! WOW! Big changes ahead! This has the potential to enable the SCCA to reduce the number of corner marshals required to run the full course. 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year. More details as they emerge.

2015 GCR Change Extends Seatbelt Life

One change to the 2015 SCCA GCR has increased the serviceable life of SFI-rated seatbelts. In the past, all SFI (Safety Foundation Inc) five/six/seven-point seatbelts had only TWO years from the date of manufacture to remain valid for SCCA competition. This meant belts made in 2012 would only remain valid until 2014 and would have to be rewebbed and recertified by the manufacturer or thrown away under the old rules.

Section 9.3.19(g) now states SFI-rated seatbelts shall remain valid for FIVE years from the date of manufacture. So those same belts made in 2012 are now eligible to remain valid until 2017. This is the same ruling SCCA has used for FIA-rated and labeled seatbelts in the past.

Despite this change (see p. 89), it does not alter the basic requirements of the annual inspection with regard to seatbelts. If the inspection finds the harness material is damaged (cuts, abrasions), shows obvious wear from overexposure to sun or moisture, or the fastening hardware itself is damaged, the tech inspector may not pass it despite the build date. Racers should take care to inspect their seatbelts and all safety equipment before scheduling their annual inspection for 2015.

RMDiv Series Trophy Pickup

All 2014 RMDiv class winners were honored at the January 25th RMDiv Conference at the Lamar Street station. The series rules also awarded trophies to the second and third place finishers if they entered and finished at least six of the series races last season. To recognize their excellence and commitment, a 12 X 9” walnut clock plaque with an engraved gold and black plate for each recipient was awarded at the banquet. In addition, class champions also received a lined black trophy jacket with red/white embroidery listing their class championship.

Unfortunately, not all who won these awards were able to attend. In some cases, their friends and fellow competitors were able to accept the awards and get them to the absent winners. The following eight award winners will need to contact David Muramoto ( to make arrangements to collect their trophies: Mark Foust, Bob Maples, Paul Eric Taylor, Rick Hahn, Keith Hall, Gary Stevens, Jonathan Barnett and Lee Topping.