Issue: January Vol: 2015
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[p.1] From the Editors

[p.2] REDLINE EXTRA:Late Breaking News

[p.3] 2015 RMDiv & Mid-States Majors Schedule

[p.4] Images from a Christmas Party

[p.5] 2015 Runoffs Qualifications

[p.6] Watch One of F1’s Greatest Partnerships Fire Up Their New Rocket

[p.7] The ARRC - Part II

[p.8] Classic American Muscle Car Classified For 2015 Tire Rack Solo Program

[p.9] The Next Ten Thousand Members

[p.10] Towing Tales: 2015 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X

[p.11] The Quest to Hit 1,000 MPH in an Insane Rocket-Powered Car

[p.12] SnakeBytes

[p.13] The Car Race Where a Junker Always Wins

[p.14] In Your Mirrors

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From the Editors


Happy 2015 to all loyal Redline readers! Like many New Year resolutions, we hope to evolve and improve Redline by bringing on David Muramoto to join Ed Shuler in co-editing your favorite e-publication. Muramoto penned the RMDiv column Pony Express in SportsCar magazine from 1996-2014 and has also served as Editor-in-Chief for Nissan Sport Magazine. Our goal is to use this experience to help shape Redline into a broader, more cohesive, and ultimately, more entertaining publication.

What can you hope to see in the coming year? For starters, expect some editorial topics to be wrestled with in this opening section, along with a brief preview on what is contained in each issue. Beyond that, we hope to offer increased race coverage of the RMDiv Championship series, vehicle reviews of cars and trucks racers want, and different perspectives on motorsports in this part of the country. With SCCA and SportsCar making the decision to only provide coverage of certain Majors events, Redline will endeavor to refocus on all that is happening in Colorado and other adjacent RMDiv areas.

What we won’t change is articles from writers like RowOne, Rocky Mountain Sidewinder and others. There’ll still be a free classifieds section for SCCA members and great photos from talents like Rupert Berrington and Jay Bonvouloir. Redline will certainly remain interested in news from local racers and how they’ve fared at SCCA Runoffs, Majors or professional race series. In summary, we plan to keep the best parts and improve the rest. We’re also interested in hearing from you, our loyal readers, on what you like or don’t like in Redline. Who knows? If we get enough letters or e-mails, we may even have to start a “Letters to the Editors” section!