Issue: July Vol: 2015
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[p.1] From the Editors

[p.2] Freedom Sprints - Small Formula

[p.3] Freedom Sprints - Small Production

[p.4] Freedom Sprints - Wings & Things

[p.5] Freedom Sprints - Touring and Spec Miata

[p.6] Freedom Sprints - Spec Racer Ford

[p.7] Freedom Sprints - Big Bore

[p.8] SCCA Area 8 Director Candidates

[p.9] 2015 Nissan Murano: Back to the Future

[p.10] My Greatest Compliments

[p.11] The Quest

[p.12] SnakeBytes

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[p.15] In Your Mirrors

From the Editors


This month’s Redline features extensive coverage of The 2015 Freedom Sprints Majors race at High Plains Raceway. We cover each race starting on page two with small bore formula cars. Each of the six race groups deserved some coverage from Redline, and hopefully participants will enjoy seeing their names (and photos, if we have them) in this series of race reports.

Next up is the upcoming elections for our Area 8 Director (SCCA BoD), as current Area 8 Director Bill Kephart is term limited. Tip-of-the-hat to Bill- thanks for representing Area 8 in such a professional manner. The first candidate to throw his hat in the ring is Pan Am’s Stan Czacki. See his resume and platform on page eight. Ever wonder why crossover sport utility vehicles have become such popular cars on the market today? A review of Nissan’s new 2015 Murano provides some insights into where most full-line car makers are spending their multi-million dollar budgets and why.

The trials and tribulations of the fledgling Sidewinder Racing Team continues in two articles for this month. Read “My Greatest Compliments” and “The Quest” back-to-back on pages 10-11 to gain a more complete perspective on why motorsports eclipses most undertakings. As the outside temperatures rise, RMSidewinder details the opportunities for more corner marshals at multiple motorsports events in this monthly column SnakeBytes on page 12.

Check out the bargains in this month’s classified section and please support Redline advertisers as the need arises. Look for some familiar faces in this month’s “In Your Mirrors” pictorial caption.

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