Issue: June Vol: 2015
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[p.1] From the Editors

[p.2] Decoration Day Dash: A Wild Weekend at Pueblo Motorsports Park (Formula cars)

[p.3] Decoration Day Dash: A Wild Weekend at Pueblo Motorsports Park (Spec Racer)

[p.4] Decoration Day Dash: A Wild Weekend at Pueblo Motorsports Park (CTT and PDX)

[p.5] Decoration Day Dash: A Wild Weekend at Pueblo Motorsports Park (Production and Touring)

[p.6] 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Championship Points Update

[p.7] 2015 Fiat 500X and Abarth Cabrio

[p.8] Track Night in America

[p.9] SnakeBytes

[p.10] Announcing the 2015 Aircooled Sprints

[p.11] The Quest

[p.12] Classifieds

[p.13] Advertisers Quick Reference

[p.14] In Your Mirrors

From the Editors


This issue represents Redline’s commitment to racing in RMDiv and Colorado. It contains more in-depth coverage of the May 23-24 RMDiv race at Pueblo. After years of racers bemoaning the lack of coverage of our local races, Redline is attempting to turn the tide with this issue. You’ll find pages of coverage of the Decoration Day Dash races at Pueblo Motorsports Park. This includes full results and great photos from Rupert Berrington, who contributed his work to this issue.

While we can’t cover every facet of the races (or every competitor), this issue represents more of what publications like SportsCar used to offer: coverage of local SCCA races many of us participate in. Our belief is that if we can all work towards raising the status of the RMDiv Championship, the better off racing will be for now and into the future. Like what you see and read? Please let us know so we can make it happen again in the future! Our address remains:

The first RMDiv Championship points update is on page six and there are several red hot classes to check out. Club Ford is among the hottest as we head into the Majors events in the heat of summer. There’s also a review of the new Fiat 500X, a quirky, but charming small Italian car with a price tag most everyone can afford. HPR hosts one of SCCA’s newest innovations, Track Night in America in June and we’ll see how many new participants might be attracted to this fun and casual evening. Snakebytes contains more thoughts on what it’s like behind the wheel, as opposed to behind the flags! Page 10 has an announcement about the last RMDiv race of the season in August.

Check out the Aircooled Sprints, which is destined to be a celebration of everything VW in one weekend. As we said in the opening of this column, Redline will be there and hopes many of our loyal readers will find it interesting enough to make it out to this innovative inaugural event. Meanwhile, page 11 has another installment of ‘The Quest’, a series of articles which detail a return to racing after 30 long years away from the cockpit. From acquiring a car, to testing and getting the bugs worked out, the vast majority of club racers will find this story so vividly familiar, you’d swear it was your own tale! Of course, Redline wraps up with our classifieds (free to SCCA members) and our loyal advertiser listings. And do take a close look at our humorous photo (page 14) ending in “In Your Mirrors”. You never know when you might show up there!