Issue: May Vol: 2015
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[p.1] From the Editors

[p.2] Decoration Day Dash - Registration now OPEN

[p.3] 2015 Club Ford Championship

[p.4] Miller Motorsports Park Announces Closing

[p.5] Spec Miata Under The Lights At Daytona

[p.6] 2015 May Daze at High Plains Raceway- A Personal View of the Rocky Mountain Division Season Opener

[p.7] Ed Kajko's Journey Down Under

[p.8] Club Time Trials hosts successful 'Dyno Day'

[p.9] The Underpowered Advantage

[p.10] Repairs at Pueblo Motorsports Park

[p.11] The Quest

[p.12] SnakeBytes

[p.13] Tire Rack One Lap of America 2015

[p.14] Classifieds

[p.15] Advertisers Quick Reference

[p.16] In Your Mirrors

From the Editors


As springtime really pops into top gear, there’s more than flowers blooming. Racing talk from all over starts out our May issue, with news from Utah to Daytona. The next RMDiv race, the “Decoration Day Dash” will be contested over the always challenging 2.2-mile course at Pueblo Motorsports Park (PMP) on May 23-24th. Don’t miss it! Strong formula car fields have started out 2015 and could it be sponsorship is playing a part? See page three for details. Surprising news comes out of Utah, where Miller Motorsports Park has announced their closing at the end of the year. Could it be the end of the line for yet another legendary racetrack in RMDiv? Read the story and decide for yourself. The next news release to come out of National office concerns a very popular racing class and a novel way to race at the upcoming Runoffs.

The story on page six is about the May Daze race at HPR (May 2-3). It gives readers some insight into what it was like to be at the opening RMDiv race weekend. There was plenty of serious fun—the type people will be talking about for years to come—but it was a shame more racers didn’t make it out to enjoy this springtime classic. Check out the story and pictures on page seven, as Ed Kajko certainly knows how to go on vacation. His tale of a trip to Oz still causes the Redline staff fits of jealousy. Page eight has details on the Club Time Trials (CTT) dyno day program, while RowOne returns on page nine to make the case for underpowered cars being an advantage in skill development for racers. Required repairs at PMP are the subject of the story on page ten and many thanks to all the CDR and COR members who took part in making PMP a better, safer place for us to race!

The Quest (page 11) tells the tale of an ill-fated weekend formula car racing effort. What I really found particularly interesting was how the author came to the realization of the true value of racing in the bigger picture. Every Club Racing participant will recognize some parts and pieces (literally) of this story and why each of us love this crazy sport so much. Snakebytes brings us back to the present, with not only news from the corner bunker, but also a new racing enterprise proudly wearing British Racing Green! Redline closes with a press release on the One Lap of America (which came through Colorado in May) and our classifieds and advertiser credits. “In Your Mirrors” closes the issue with yet another parable about what always happens at the last possible minute before a race…