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[p.2] 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Mini-Conference and Christmas Party- December 5, 2015

[p.3] 2015 Rocky Mountain Divisional Championship Trophy Winners

[p.4] John F. Barker- September 16, 1936- January 20, 2015

[p.5] The Good Old days

[p.6] Candy Apple Redness: 2015 Lexus RC-F

[p.7] The Quest - Chapter 7

[p.8] Racing in the Rain: 2015 ARRC at Road Atlanta

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[p.10] Redline Goes On Holiday

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Redline Goes On Holiday


Redline goes on Holiday


This (November) issue will be the final Redline for 2015. We need to recharge our batteries in preparation for an exciting 2016. There are some innovative and scintillating plans in store for Redline Magazine in 2016.

2015 was a challenging year for the Rocky Mountain Division SCCA. Let’s take a few moment to reflect on what we accomplished over the last 11 months.

We started the year with Pueblo Motorsports Park needing some new tire barriers and other course work. Arnie Coleman and the folks in Continental Divide region quickly got on the job and with some help from Colorado Region members quickly made the repairs.

Dyno Day

Jason Brandt and Bright Kang sponsored a Dyno Day for all the potential Club Time Trialers.

May Daze

The first race of the season was the annual May Daze regional races at High Plains Raceway. Turnout was a little thin but a good time was had by all.

Decoration Day Dash

The Decoration Day Dash was the 2nd Regional event. the first race at the newly approved Pueblo Motorsports Park.

Freedom Sprints

The first Majors for Rocky Mountain Division was the Freedom Sprints. We had a big turnout of workers and racers.

Home of Heroes Gran Prix

The Home of Heroes Gran Prix saw another good turnout of workers and drivers. Smiling faces all around.

HyPR Hot Regionals

The last race of the season was the HyPR Hot Regionals. This was our first attempt at hosting a Club Racing Experience sanction. The effort proved fruitful.


Kathy Bradley, Keith Hall and Jim Stinehelfer were elected to the Colorado Region SCCA Board of Directors to replace outgoing board members; Michelle McColl, Jim Leithauser and Chris Doyle. Thanks Michelle, Jim and Chris and welcome Kathy, Keith and Jim.

SCCA National Championships

The SCCA Runoffs sponsored by Garmin were held at Daytona for the first time in 40 years. The Rocky Mountain Division was well represented by both workers and racers.

Next up – Mini Convention and Christmas Party

See you there.