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[p.2] 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Mini-Conference and Christmas Party- December 5, 2015

[p.3] 2015 Rocky Mountain Divisional Championship Trophy Winners

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2015 Rocky Mountain Divisional Championship Trophy Winners


Based on the revised RMDiv points standings for 2015, the following racers will be awarded trophies at the December 5, 2015 RMDiv mini-conference. Each of the following award winners finished at least eight races during the 2015 RMDiv race season and finished at, or near the top of their respective classes. First place winners will also be awarded Championship jackets. Please plan to be present to be awarded your trophy, or make arrangements with someone who will be at the party to pick up your awards.

Club Ford
1. Seth Letterly, Crossle
2. Jared Letterly, Lola
2. Allen Letterly, Citation-Zink

E Production
1. Tex Arnold, Mazda
2. Guy Ruse, Mazda

Formula F
1. Andy Melvin, Van Diemen
2. John Copple, Van Diemen

Improved Touring B
1. Marcus Hall, Toyota

Improved Touring S
1. Cedric Donohoo, Mazda

Spec Racer
1. Michael Cameron
2. Jim Tibor Jr.

Spec Racer3
1. Dan Brooks
2. Jim Nelson

Spec Miata
1. David Zippie

Spec 7
1. Patrick Frank

Touring 3
1. David Muramoto, Nissan

Touring 4
1. Lothar Kremer, Chevrolet