Issue: October Vol: 2015
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[p.1] From the Editors

[p.2] Robert W. Wilson, 1930- 2015

[p.3] 2015 Runoffs Recap

[p.4] REVISED Formula Class Standings for 2015 Rocky Mountain Divisional Road Racing Championships

[p.5] WEC as a Tech

[p.6] SnakeBytes

[p.7] Colorado BoD Election Results

[p.8] The Quest Chapter 6

[p.9] Big Blue: 2016 Corvette Sting Ray

[p.10] Area 8 Elections

[p.11] REVISED Touring Class Standings for 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Road Racing Championships

[p.12] REVISED Production Class Standings for 2015 Rocky Mountain Division Road Racing Championships

[p.13] Classifieds

[p.14] Advertisers Quick Reference

From the Editors


This month’s Redline starts off on a distinctly sorrowful note with a memorial to Bob Wilson. Like many SCCA members, Bob had a deep-seated love of racing and backed it up by remaining actively involved in the organization for decades. As Rocky Mountain Division and Colorado SCCA racing moves forward, we remember the contributions of members like Bob Wilson, who kept road racing alive by volunteering his time and efforts.

For 2015, the SCCA Runoffs visited Daytona International Speedway in Florida. Rocky Mountain Division racers had a long tow to swelteringly warm conditions on the high banks of Daytona. Many met with success and their results speak to the end of a long and successful racing season.

After discovering some errors in the points totals of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Divisional Championship, the pointskeeper has re-issued a revised copy. Nobody is perfect, but Redline strives to publish the most current and accurate information available.

Redline editor Ed Shuler recounts his travels to the Lone Star state and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) round at the Circuit of the Americas. Get an inside look at what tech officials at an international racing series go through to uphold an entirely different set of racing and safety regulations.

Page six has Snakebytes, with the latest information for corner working opportunities around the country. Just because SCCA racing has ended in our neck of the woods doesn’t mean there’s not more fun to be had!

Elections for the Colorado Board of Directors are now complete and a close one it was. We thank Chris Doyle, Jim Leithauser and Michelle McColl for their past service. You’ll have to read the article on p. six to find out who the new members are!

The Quest continues and this time Chapter 6 recounts the “Air-cooled Sprints” this past summer. The adventures of Ed Shuler and Andrew MacDougall continue, with better (or worse) brakes and a ton of racing action throughout the weekend. Won’t be long before these two have their full competition licenses in hand and who knows where The Quest will go then?

‘Big Blue’ is a review of the 2016 Corvette C7 Sting Ray. The much anticipated release of the newest Corvette brings it to new heights as Redline editor David Muramoto reports. But will we see the new C7 in action at SCCA racing events in the near future?

The election to the National SCCA Board of Directors is about to start and candidates for the Area 8 director are listed here. Be sure to read their platforms and be ready to make an informed decision when the vote comes up later this month and ends in November.

The October issue ends with the latest classified and advertiser sections. After checking on several past classifieds, Redline found the cars had been already sold. While the ads are free to SCCA members, please remember to inform Redline magazine when a car or part(s) have sold, so we can remove or amend the ads for accuracy.

One more Thing…

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Ann Marie Stinehelfer, Michelle McColl and Annie Christian are looking for volunteers to assist with the arrangements. Please help!

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