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Thank You Justin Wilson – Godspeed


Racing is one of those sports filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows where pure elation and shear tragedy take center stage. Sadly the latter stole the spotlight in Pocono this year as racing took one of its most humble and talented drivers I had the privilege of getting to know – Justin Wilson. I had the opportunity informally meeting him almost exactly 1 year ago from the date of publication of this article and we talked shop about racing, amateur driver to successful professional driver. When I talked about moving recently from eastern Pennsylvania to Colorado, Justin asked me how I liked the place. He really did like his “rado” and it showed. It was his second home and now it’s mine as well.

I wrote an article about that night last year for the October 2014 Colorado Redline. Please read it and you’ll find out how truly amazing this man really was:

Redline October 2014 – page 5

With each end comes a new beginning. Godspeed, Justin Wilson! Thank you for everything you have done for all of us here on this earth. Your friends and family are in our thoughts and prayers. I will keep racing open wheel, Sir!

For anyone interested in making a donation:

Wilson Children’s Fund
c/o Forum Credit Union
PO Box 50738
Indianapolis, IN 46250-0738