CandidateHelios tallypaper tallyTotal
Kevin Carter 54 3 57
Ryan Dussex 54 4 58
Lothar Kremer 27 3 30
Cecil Morris 46 6 52
Doug Sherwood 32 5 37
Leigh Swan 21 0 21

Many thanks to all the candidates. It was a great election! Over 90 members cast ballots. Welcome Ryan and Cecil to the Colorado Region SCCA Board of Directors, and welcome back Kevin!

We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Ann Marie Stinehelfer and Chris Doyle for all they have contributed to Colorado Region over their BoD terms. Next time you see them, give them a hearty THANK YOU!

May 07-09 LaJunta Raceway Ice Breaker - Driver School/Regional/TT
May 22-23 Pueblo Motorsports Park Home of Heroes - Majors/Regional/TT
Jun 12-13 Pueblo Motorsports Park Regional/TT
Jul 03-04 High Plains Raceway Freedom Sprints Majors/Regional/TT
Jul 24 Pikes Peak Intl One Day - Time Trials
Aug 21-22 High Plains Raceway Last Chance Majors/Regional/TT
Sep 18-19 LaJunta Raceway Time Trials - LaJunta
Oct 16-17 LaJunta Raceway In Pursuit of the Great Pumpkin - Regional/TT

The monthly membership meetings will be held at the Blue Bonnet Cafe, 457 S Broadway Denver, Colorado 80209.

The Board of Directors meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each Month.
The General Membership meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of each month.
Members and guests always welcome.

Watch this space for future announcements.

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