2021 Racing Plans?

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2021 Racing Plans?

Post by dkmura »

Let me start this out by saying that I'm not comfortable traveling to any early season SCCA races until I complete my Covid vaccination and the vaccine is in wider distribution. It would be a shame to survive the pandemic and let up on the precautions, only to contract the virus (including the fast spreading variant) at this stage of stopping it.

How do other racers look at this issue? There's also the problem of going to an out-of-state race and being forced to accept risks at hotels, restaurants and even hospitals in another state. That last point is a unique one for racers, as any SCCA sanctioned race will have ER equipment on hand, but what if the local hospitals are maxed out with Covid patients and accident victims can only be triaged at the ER, before being moved out?

None of these are pleasant thoughts, but until we have a safe, efficacious and well-distributed vaccine in wide circulation, the risks remain high at this point in early 2021.
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Post by Boysen »

i agree...as to early season. i'm fully expecting to be comfortable with travel, lodging, and other services by about mid-season. stay safe.
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