Regional racing format change

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Jerry Lee Oleson
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Regional racing format change

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I would like to suggest a chang to our regional race format in an effort to make our races more interesting for our corner workers. I believe changing to inverted starts could bring more interest to our races, the standard SCCA fastest at the front and slowest at the back makes most of our races a procession with very little passing for position. In our division we generally only have two regional races in a day, open wheel and closed wheel also relatively few racers and most are very experienced. All would probably have to go along with this to get it through the stewards. Again this would only be for the REGIONAL races. I'd love to try it at a Major but I'd expect to be laughed out of the room. The Spec 7 guys have been doing something similar to this and I would expect them to be included in the whole and not be split out. Again I'm looking for input positive or negative. Jerry Oleson 303 856 8149
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Re: Regional racing format change

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Good to start this discussion, Jerry. For RMDiv regional races, this kind of change would have to approved through a change in the supplemental regs. My questions would be, what would keep people from sandbagging, or not running qualifying at all? Inverted starts can be interesting and fun, but it takes experienced racers to manage the start, passing (or being passed) and the traffic that inevitably gets sticky. But the regional races usually consist of our most inexperienced competitors and inverted starts could result in more accidents and shunts if that's the only race format offered.

Since our regional races in LaJunta usually consist of TWO races per day (open and closed classes), I might suggest that the Saturday races be run in the usual format, with the fastest qualifying cars up front to allow competitors to start and race without complications. The Sunday races might be the time for the Chief Steward to check with the field to find out if they would like to run inverted starts for one or both races.
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