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I posted the passing of Mac, our WW II Veteran who was our Grand Marshall at the Majors at High Plains several years ago, on my Facebook Page. His memorial service will be held at the Valmont Presbyterian church, just north of Valmont at 61st and Valmont road in Boulder, 10:30 a.m. Due to covid, there will be no reception and masks will be required. It will also be available on Zoom, if people are uncomfortable being there in person. Mac donated his body to science, so we won't have his remains for a few weeks. We will have a military ceremony when he is buried. I will post a notice of the funeral service as soon as I know.
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Hugh “Mac” McGinty

11/27/1922 - 9/4/2021

Mac was born to Bertha (Lengel) and Hugh McGinty Sr. on
November 27th, 1922 in Philadelphia, PA, and had three
younger brothers. During WWII, he flew 29 missions as a B-17
tail gunner, and would later write a book titled, "A Tail Gunner
Looks Back," about his experiences.

In August, 1945, he married Lois Polzin at Lowry AFB. Mac
proudly participated in the Berlin AirLift in 1948 and then was
stationed in Labrador, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Montana as
his family grew and went with him. He retired from the service
in 1962 and settled in Valmont, near Boulder.

Mac went to work for Beech Aircraft where he was an
inspector for components used by NASA on the Apollo moon
and space shuttle programs until 1986.

In retirement, Mac enjoyed traveling with Lois until she
passed in 1998. Mac stayed busy with activities and made
new friends until the very end.

Hugh is survived by his brothers Elmer (Lucky) and Robert, three
children, Michael, Lee Ann, Paul and daughter-in-law Kelly, six
grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. He is preceded in
death by his parents, his wife Lois, daughter-in-law Marjorie,
brother Michael, grandson Sean McGinty and many friends.

An outdoor celebration of life will be held at Valmont
Presbyterian Church on Friday, September 24th at 10:30am
and will be available on zoom at ... NRK2d1M2h3

Masks required. No reception following.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to
TRU Community Care Hospice


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