SCCA's Guide to Racing

Preparing yourself and your car for racing can be intimidating. You can spend lots of good money in lots of wrong places, and get nowhere in a hurry. That's exactly why a special edition of "Go Ahead - Take the Wheel" was written specifically for the SCCA. This comprehensive guide to motorsports provides everything you need to know to get started in Solo events, Performance Driving Experience (PDX), Time Trials and Club Racing. This book shows you how to:

    • Race on your budget - from economy to extravagant
    • Maximize "seat time" - get the most racing for your buck
    • Modify your car to produce the greatest amounts of gains
    • Overcome the most common obstacles
    • Gain racing experience before you have a racecar
    • Build your own racecar on a realistic budget
    • Become a front-running driver

"Whether as a hobby or as a potential career, 'Go Ahead - Take the Wheel' gives you everything you need to know to get started in racing."   -Michael Andretti

"For the speed junkies that have always thought racing equals money, 'Go Ahead - Take the Wheel' not only fills in the behind-the-scenes information you need to know to get started, but gives you the insider tips and tricks to make racing affordable right from the start."   -Eric Curran, professional racecar driver in SCCA's SPEED World Challenge

Price: $16.95

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A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Colorado Region.