No matter what your interest in amatuer racing, SCCA club racing has a place for you. We look forward to seeing you at the race track! A fun way to get inspired is to watch the SCCA 'Get Real Fast' video we've posted on youtube.



If you can't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact our membership chairman. He is ready and waiting to put you in touch with the racers or officials who can answer your questions.

Ed Shuler   303.910.0147   eshuler[at]mac[dot]com



You can go SCCA Road Racing NOW. Here's how!

Let's start with a checklist:

  1. Are you an SCCA member? Membership is required to race on track. Click Here to join.
  2. You will need a full competition license or novice permit and a qualified (SCCA legal) racing car.
  3. To obtain a competition license, there are options you can choose from.
    • Do you have auto racing experience, or a license from another organization? If currently licensed by another club, it may qualify you for an SCCA license. Call Guy Ruse. (See below.)
    • Take an SCCA approved professional school (ie: Go-4-It, Bondurant) to get fully licensed.
    • Complete an SCCA Drivers' School. Many SCCA regions hold an annual Drivers' School. They can be found on the SCCA website, but will require travel. Currently, there is a drivers school scheduled for April 30 - May01/02 2021 at LaJunta. If you miss that one, we have available an Alternative School. Contact Ted Winning or Dan Spirek to inquire about alternative schools.
    • You will be required to have a Novice Permit to attend the Drivers' School. To obtain one, either download the forms from the SCCA website, or call Guy Ruse, who can locally issue these permits. Note: A physical Exam is required. The SCCA medical form must completed by a physician.
  4. Driver's Safety Gear. You will need to obtain the following items which are approved in the GCR (see GCR Section 9.3.19):
    • Helmet
    • Head and Neck Restraint (HANS device)
    • Driver's Suit
    • Shoes
    • Underwear
    • Gloves
  5. Do you own your race car?…or would you like to rent a race car?
    • Your race car must conform to the "General Competition Rules" (GCR), which govern all aspects of SCCA on-track events. It must also pass a technical inspection by a qualified SCCA Scrutineer prior to the event weekend.
    • Well in advance of the event, please contact an approved inspector click here to see a list
    • If you would prefer to rent a race car, there are many options and price ranges to choose from. For starters, contact Mark Miller, LaRue Motor Sports, Inc. or Surface Exploration.

Contact any of the following people for advice and/or answers to your questions:

Ted Winning , Rocky Mountain Division Chief Driving Instructor (303) 919-9122
Guy Ruse , Rocky Mountain Division Chief Licensing Chairman (303) 444-4121
Ed Shuler , Membership Chairman, Rocky Mountain Division (303) 910-0147
Ed Shuler , Colorado Region, Regional Executive (303) 910-0147
Chris Doyle Surface Exploration (303) 940-1500
Ray LaRue LaRue Motor Sports, Inc. Phone: (303) 877-1433


Schedule of Events: always posted on our website here.


Maps and Directions: plus additional details on each local racing venue are here.


What to Bring: We probably don't have to warn you that any day spent outdoors in Colorado can be both beautiful and brutal - bring sunscreen, a hat, rain protection, bug spray, water and ear plugs! If you're planning on working/shadowing a corner, the race officials prefer that you wear "whites" (long pants, long sleeves and all in white or a neutral color that won't conflict with the driver's recognition of the multi-colored flags) and rugged shoes. Food is generally available at the track side concession stand. Workers, drivers and crew are invited to a free Saturday night dinner. In addition, workers are provided with drinks at their station throughout the race day and free lunch.

Registration: If you just plan on spectating, registration is not necessary. However, if you plan volunteer to work or officiate a race, or drive a car in the event, then advanced registration is MANDATORY. The club uses a third party system where you'll set up a free user account and submit your registration: MotorsportReg.



Drivers' School Students must complete several pre-study assignments prior to the drivers' school weekend. Please read and complete following:

  1. Read Welcome Advice to New Drivers
  2. Read The Student Handbook
  3. Download The General Competition Rules for reference.
  4. Complete The SCCA On-Line Drivers' School Course. Choose Group Registration,
    our code is ROCKY-K8W. Print your 'Certificate of Completion' and bring it to class on Friday.
  5. Complete The open-book GCR exam. Bring answers to class.
  6. Complete The open-book Flag Test. Bring answers to class.

Additional Reading

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